Bile - is embroidered top Boots. Bile, or ornament. He usually embroidered with beads, embroidery sometimes made ​​of special, high-strength multi-colored threads. Motif ornament can be quite varied and limited only by the imagination of the master. However, the most common pattern is the Yakut national ornament. The price of bile depends on the complexity of the work - the smaller and sleeker design, the more material is gone, the more expensive.



Ornament – an integral part of national applied art. The origins of the Yakut ornament go in hoary antiquity. He was associated with the objective world created by human hands, and originally had a magical meaning warding talisman, bringing good luck and fortune in hunting and marriage rites and cults.


В декоре традиционной одежды якутов издревле использовали различные виды орнаментов: геометрические, криволинейные, растительные, зооморфные, антропоморфные.



Also ornament decorated birch bark utensils, boxes, caskets, chorons.



Yakut ornamental art has an ancient tradition, cherished by the people for many centuries.


Ornament shaped bore in itself the beginning, expressed in visual signs and symbols, stylized forms, generalizing the realities of the world.


Entire way of life and economic activities of the Yakuts were closely associated with Mother Nature. Therefore, the colors used reflect the natural palette - the colors of earth and sky, plants, sun and snow, always harmonious colors, eye pleasing freshness and beauty. The awakening of nature, the arrival of summer, spring and autumn flowering plants wilting, sunrise and sunset - all this reflected in our ancestors embroidered patterns, dominated white, black, blue-green, green and red colors.



Red is the color of old has been linked with religion. It is the color of blood, the color of life force, due to the mother, so personified Mother soul (iie kut) guarded it.


Green (green grass), represents the connection with nature.


Blue (blue sky), symbol Salgyn kut (Air-soul).


Blue (blue expanse, blue) - bottomless space with "blue breath" (kueh tyyn) and was familiar with the development, flourishing life.


Yellow, white - the color of sunlight, snow. They relate to the environment and are a symbol of life, happiness, all lights, good.


Black, dark gray, brown - the colors of the earth personified Buor kut (Earth-soul), Mother Earth.


Ancient Yakuts have profound philosophical views of the world, on the beliefs and worldview is morally cleansed and mentally elevate them - uranhay Sakha.

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