Shoes of any fur requires careful care!


  • That fur is not wiping best not take off your shoes to your feet with the toe to the heel . Better to do that by hand.
  • Boots should be cleaned regularly with a soft, dry cloth.
  • Do not iron and comb wet fur hands.
  • Also try to avoid friction, that fur is not dried himself in the fold.
  • When storing give better products right form, for which you can use cardboard.
  • White boots require even more care - if the wet fur adhered dirt, wait until it dries, then gently remove it with a special brush.



  • Not apply to flavoring boots (perfume, cologne, toilet water, and so on), they often contain alcohol and eventually the product may become an unpleasant odor.
  • Avoid damage shoes with sharp objects.
  • Not recommended to dry the fur shoes on heating and heaters! In order to dry the boots, you just need to fill their newspapers or paper and turn up the shoes sole. Very effective at drying special boot dryers.
  • Before you pack the fur boots for storage, you need to dry them, remove dust and shape.


When transporting fur not recommend packing them in plastic . That fur could "breathe" and not dried out, you need an open airway. This rule applies to the shoe store in the off-season. Fur boots and fur boots will feel better in a normal pillow or a canvas bag. Do not leave deposited with products colored fur and white boots. Usually these boots are impregnated with special solutions, repels moles, you can use for this purpose, and options such as "Antimol." not store furs, where they will be exposed to direct sunlight , otherwise the fur may be burned, and the boots of light fur change color.

Also recommended once for a summer in the sun to dry boots . Fur products stored at room temperature not exceeding 23 degrees, but it is better to leave them in storage in a cool place. Relative humidity should be 65% or higher. Make sure that the vicinity of the store are not untov radiators. Not be amiss to make sure there is no mechanical damage to the product, and if this happens, it is better to repair the shoes before putting in storage, and not to refer to the repair of the fall.

Mighty boots in compliance with all rules and storing socks will last 10 - 15 seasons! This statement does not apply to shoes that can be bought in the market at the artisan. The latter does not care about the quality of manufacturing Camus, such purchase may result in loss of money banal.



  • Do not dry the fur on the heater, but only at room temperature for up soles;
  • Do not comb or iron hand wet fur;
  • Do not store fur in a bag;
  • Do not store in a pouch made ​​of natural fur and painted;
  • Do not apply to fur perfume, cologne, toilet water;
  • When storing not forget to clean the dust, compacted into a newspaper or cloth, to saturate, and cardboard - to keep its shape.