How to protect


Sole of unts sewn from pure felt, which has a number of positive characteristics:


Reliable protection from cold
Natural ingredients
The natural uniqueness


Given all the positive properties of the soles, urban, wear it without protection, it is almost impossible!


Especially for such untov models further adjusted prophylaxis (microfiber).


Prevention is made of foam rubber, derived from a mixture based on the solid rubber. With it, felt sole untov will be fully protected from damage (felts will not be erased) and from moisture in transport or facilities. Preventive maintenance will extend the life of the sole. Such shoes should only be worn at a time when it's quite stable weather from - 15 - 20 degrees and below.


In our shop operates an additional service for the prevention of installation (micropores). Quality is the best rubber, rubber special (winter), Italian and Russian production. prevention Thickness (micropores) from 3 to 5 mm.


The cost of the service depends on the method of attachment:


Adhesives - piercing method - 700 rubles.
The adhesive method - 600 rubles.



Adhesives - piercing technique

The adhesive method



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8 800 550 65 98

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